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Name: hw-biker
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* Lives in Japan and goes to an international school
* Loves basketball and biking
* Digs Japanese ramen
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I miss being able to just chuck everything in one trash can.
This picture I took shows how crazy it can get here.
They make you split up your burnable and non-burnable trash,
and then the recyclable stuff is all split up too.
You'd be surprised what burns and what doesn't.
I'll probably never get it right.
Something about burning mountains of trash doesn't sit too well
with me though. That can't be healthy.
Anyway, I'm more worried about my finals than separating trash right now.
I wish I could chuck them into the burnable can.

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Me and some guys from the basketball team found a killer hamburger place
not too far from school.
It almost sucks finals are next week because that means that may be the
last decent burger we can grab until school starts up again in Fall.
I'm not about to go all the way out there on a day off.
The international school I go to is a journey from my house in the suburbs.
I have to change trains twice just to get there.
I wish I had an mp3 player or something to pass the time, those long-ass
train rides suck.

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I found a funky Japanese record at the second-hand place today, and yeah,
I do mean "funky".
These three guys on the cover are awesome! I could swear they're the same person,
but the clerk said they're actually triplets.
I don't even have a record player, but for 30 yen it's a steal to own something
this ridiculous.
It looks like the 70s in Japan were just as bad as the 70s back home.
I wanna hear what it sounds like, but I don't know anyone with a player.
Oh, and bigger news! I finally managed to grab my own copy of Damsel of Darkness on DVD.
I've been looking for that one forever! The main girl is smoking hot.
Apparently the Japanese title is "Kurayami no Otome", so that explains why I
haven't had much luck until now by asking for Damsel of Darkness in my best Japanese accent.
The old guy at the store spoke near-perfect English, so he knew what I was talking about and helped me find it.

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Me and my family must have bullseyes painted on our backs or something.
Two days ago I got spammed with an email from some crank inviting me to ride out to nowhere, and now my dad got a call from a Japanese person claiming to be his long lost grandson.
I don't have any brothers or sisters, so unless there's something I don't know,
he doesn't have a grandson, let alone a Japanese one.
Apparently it's a big scam now where people pretend to be a family member in order to get free clothing.
The guy on the phone said he survived a plane crash on an island, but that his socks were all eaten by a smoke monster. Why clothing? Why not just ask for cash?

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My apologies to everyone reading this blog who wants to email me.
I had to hide my address because I got spammed by some psycho yesterday.
(if you're the psycho and you're reading this now, get some help guy)
The email was some B.S. about how I'm supposed to go to a place called Hanuda Village and save a "damsel in distress".
Probably some shady timeshare scammer who got my name with my email address off this blog.
Who knew there were still "villages" anyway? That sounds like something out of the dark ages.
I guess I'd better ask the lord and lady for permission to leave the fief
before I ride out on my horse to save the damsel.
Is there even a place called Hanuda in Japan?

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